Libra [September 22nd to October 21st)

The good news is Aries season is almost over. It’s not because you mayhaps not like Aries people, the season, or anything. It’s just a lot of pressure on you during your polarity season. For some of you there may have been some relationship drama this season. For other of you, the absence of a relationship during Aries may have placed extra emphasis for you on yourself and what’s not happening in your life in other areas.  Regardless, you’re heading toward a period where it becomes time for you to take some action on some of the prioritization you’ve made over the last few weeks.  On Saturday, when Mercury gets lively with brilliant Uranus, I think that’s an excellent time to allow new sparks and ideas to fly in your mind, prompting some clarity.  Of course, resist the natural impulse to weigh even that clarity against other options…that you know are inferior. 

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