Libra (September 22nd to October 21st)

#MeTime: The good news is that there’s a whole lot of mental and creative energy heading your way this week as Mercury hooks back up with Uranus after about a month and a half. It’s like an astro-cocktail of gingko biloba, yerba mate and gotu kola (herbs good for improving and accelerating brain function) all at once. The bad news is that you may be more disposed to use that energy and insight for everyone except the person who could use it most now: you.  This is an excellent time to find some way to process or at least store the ideas and insights you have now, whether that’s writing or meditation. You don’t have to act on all of them. You only have to hold the space to give them attention at some point.


#Heartstrings: Yeah, you could become that person who may keep everyone else’s counsel except his or her own about a problem—and your opinion could be the most qualified! With Mercury and Uranus buddied up together in the sector of your Zodiac Lounge that deals with partnership, you may put too much emphasis on the ideas, brilliance and insights of others. Perhaps you may also have a moment when you realize that you’ve been looking too much at the world through the eyes of others than your own

#MoneyMoves:   With the Sun in Taurus, one of the money seats of your own Zodiac council, you’re working out the kinks on the cost for things. The next 25+ days are excellent days to build your awareness about debt and the ways you may be living excessively or paying too much for things unwittingly. The way to greater wealth and happiness doesn’t just come from thinking about new ways to gain (as you can also do now with that Mercury/Uranus hook-up now); but also from changing the old ways we lose our fortunes without knowing it. For example, at one gym where I used to work out, I got a good chunk of change on the regular from collecting change from off the locker room floor.