Libra [September 22nd to October 21st]

#MeTime: Thinking too much about the toll of living in the world may weigh you down, building toward some heaviness you may experience at the full moon at the bottom of the week. The ancient Egyptian goddess that your sign could be related to is Ma’at.  Like you, she conveyed that everything costs and if you hadn’t paid the cost, it could mean blocking you from life in the underworld.  Here’s the thing though: the cost was to keep your heart as light as a feather. That’s always the cost. You worrying when everything seems to be going wrong is not going to get your heart as light as a feather.  Lighten your heart, even when your mind is heavy, your wallet is light and your body feels like a ton of bricks. Tap into your Ma’at.


#Heartstrings: It might be a bit challenging to be as bubbly and lively as you normally are toward the end of the week. So…the best time to be social is toward the top of the week. You may feel this hard-to-pinpoint need to ready yourself for some challenge or perhaps the strange expectation that some betrayal could come from a close friend or loved one. This could be happening, but it also may not. It’s beside the point, almost.  The point is whether you feel in touch enough with your survival instinct to know that you can survive and eventually thrive beyond whatever comes your way this week.

#MoneyMoves:   The full moon in your financial sectors this week may bring to the surface some crisis or financial issue that you’ve been attempting to stave off.  If you’re inclined to freak out a bit, I want you to pause that for one sec and ask, “How alone do you feel right now?” If the answer is “Very,” then that’s likely where the problem starts.  As a Libra, people and your negotiation skills are among your best assets. It’s time to reach out and connect with someone for help and insight. Also, look out for a win-win scenario rather than thinking you have to accept a win-lose proposition first. You have lifelines beyond the ones you’ve used or suspected were there.