Libra (Sept 22nd to Oct 21st)

#MeTime: That loud thud you might hear at the end of the week is Mars getting off your back and out of your “subconscious.” He’s been tailing you on life’s highway right at your blind spot, so it’s probably been hard to feel like you can fully trust your instincts or you have the full freedom of movement that you’d like. This is likely to manifest as noticing a person or a circumstance that has been so much part of the background of your environment that you didn’t keenly notice that it had no business round you, like a chronic complainer as you do affirmations or that co-worker who always needs just a few more bucks until the weekend, nearly every weekend, while you’re in line to pay for your food.


#Heartstrings: Pluto spazzes out this week while chairing your home and better gardens committee at the Zodiac Lounge. Luckily, the damage won’t be that serious.  Pluto’s whole schtick is to “look closer.” Familiar family issues may crop up now that require your attention, but not a full out reshuffling of your whole life.  On the love front, you may find yourself looking closer at more than one person, even if you’re attached. Your libido may have gotten a visit from the Easter bunny, or more like that extra dose of passion from Mars and Venus getting all kissy-kissy in the ebony sky. Of course, don’t blame any flirts or extra-relationship flings on the heavens. They’re the signals; you’re driving the car.

#MoneyMoves: Scorpio sits at the money edge of your table at the Zodiac Lounge, and most modern astrologers say that Mars and Pluto are the “go-to” planets for that sign. Oddly enough, as Mars gets his act together, Pluto goes retrograde. (By the way, astrologers haven’t demoted Pluto as a planet. Astronomers did. Pure haterade.) This spells mixed blessings, like you get a bonus, but the bank raises its fees or lowers the interest on your interest-bearing account.  Pluto often “governs” the things that are beyond your control that you thought were in your control.  So concentrate on the smaller actions (Mars) that you can make to get your money working better for you.