Libra (September 22nd to October 21st)

Whenever someone shouts out "Keep the faith," there's a part of me that wants to shout back "Which part?" As you might be remembering or learning this week, faith and its counterpart, trust, are large maintenance projects with lots of moving parts—some small, others large. It’s not just a “the.” And faith is really a matter of perspective. For instance, Romans martyred many early Christians for being "atheists." These new believers were faithful to their one god; but because they had no correspondent love or use for the other gods, they were seen as godless. I know you want to be fair and just to all parties involved in any issue, but sometimes the best way to be faithful is to choose where you absolutely place your trust and faith. You mightn’t make that choice this week, but it'll be spelled out for you soon where you will.

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