Libra [September 22nd to October 21st]

#MeTime: A lot of people have the mistaken notion that Libra, as the sign of the scales, is about “staying” balanced.  A lot of those same people are Libras, unfortunately.  That’s a lot of pressure and if you’ve believed that your life should be about balance than you may feel particularly unbalanced this week. In my opinion, your life is about proportion. Balance implies that every thing has to be even. That’s not what’s true.  You have to find the right proportion and mixtures for what makes your life works and that changes from time to time. So it’s not about how things look even or equal, but how everything has its right weight/measure. Taking a week to focus on yourself does not mean that you’re out of balance for the week, for instance. Life ain’t always that even.


#Heartstrings: On Tuesday, Venus goes retrograde for about a month and a half.  Since Venus is your sign’s patron planet, it’s bound to shake up things for you on the relationship front. It’s a pressed paused button for how you experience like-mindedness with folks who may, in fact, be more “mindedness” than “like” at this point. If you’re with a partner, you can actively have a pow-wow to talk about your goals and values. If you’re solo, take a good look at potential partners and friends to make sure you’re equally yoked philosophically.  If you’re not, that doesn’t mean you reach for the trapdoor lever. Just don’t run on assumptions, because those could lead to disappointments in the next few weeks.

#MoneyMoves: I wonder if people fear success as much as they fear that they could lose “success” once they’re under greater scrutiny.  Or worse, lose sight of the reason why they wanted success in the first place. I suspect you might be dealing with one of these fears now and let me assure you that any dark shadow on your shine is more a cloud passing than a storm rolling in.  Work on shoring up your gains from the last few weeks, including any significant contacts you’ve made. As Venus retrogrades, it’s good to revisit connections, especially related to work.