Libra [Sept 22nd to Oct 21st]

#MeTime: When I think about how last Sunday’s solar eclipse may affect you, I think about Dionne Farris’ soulfully spiritual ballad, “Food for thought” from the late 90s. I’m particularly struck by this line, “Faced with a challenge of finding right and wrong/ In a brand new world that recognizes none./It’s hard for me to believe in all my travels/I’m the only one, the only one.”  Of course, you know the difference between right and wrong, but it’s also different to find out what that means according to your own conscience, not someone else’s. Including your own from 10 years ago. So now begins a new journey to find those connections of conscience and conviction that speak to your mind and heart now. You’re hungry to find that and this week may show the beginnings of where to find those connections and how.


#Heartstrings: Uranus, the radical planetary agent that he is, has probably been very helpful in prompting you to embrace a clearer sense of self than you’ve had in awhile. The problem is that you enjoy the dynamic of a sharing yourself with another, so all this feeling and thinking through your own sense of self might strike you as more tedious than you would like, especially this week.  Sometimes it seems so much easier to please another than it is yourself.  And that’s where you may exactly find problems this week. You may not have the satisfaction of pleasing another and may get fixated on that rather what really is at stake:  pleasing yourself.  This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to care what may please a loved one as much as let your pleasure be how you share what you enjoy with another rather than trimming your pleasure to the size of another. That trick ain’t working now. (I wonder if it ever did.)

#MoneyMoves: You may find it hard to focus on “mundane” tasks or to work in conditions that are less than inspiring.  So give yourself over to real vision questing as it relates to what you do. (Perhaps minus the hallucinogens and high mountains.) Although we all have things to do by rote, focus more on what lifts your spirit and makes what you do even a little bit more joyous, even if you hate your job. Hell, especially if you hate your job.  Seeking inspiration is all about “partnership,” like Libras like to do, but with Spirit.  This is when you have to stop relying solely on reason and go for the apparent asymmetry of creativity, even if it’s a little dance flourish as you do something for the 100th time that day.