Libra [September 22nd to October 21st]

#MeTime: Very few know or even think about how meticulous your conscience and mind actually are. The “social butterfly” image is the outward manifestation of a lot of internal scrutiny about how you treat people and, just as important, how people should be treated.  You want to do right by people and you want people to do right by you…and themselves.  When this doesn’t happen, it makes you very upset and angry. The problem is that it takes you a little time to figure out how to address these things fairly.  So you usually go back to scouring your own conscience to see where you may be at fault.  It’s probably not about your fault OR making the person address his/her own faults. It’s about noting what’s out of proportion and making the corrections you can. The rest is letting the Cosmos do its wonders and work without you trying to act as a moonlighting assistant district attorney.


#Heartstrings: Get “it” off your chest, especially toward the end of the week. You somehow sense on a very deep level that the scales of some relationships are stacked way out of your favor, so now is the time to make that known. It doesn’t mean that you have to correct them. Sometimes you have to see if people are as invested in correcting measures as much as you and let them do it.  In your attempt to correct Cosmic scales, you too often will sink more into things rather than trust that the scales can find their way to balance either without you or with someone else stacking up a little more. Your job is to make the obvious even more obvious. Not to do all the heavy lifting yourself.

#MoneyMoves: There are, at least, two ways to get some much needed perspective now. You can either take a short vacay from familiar surroundings, but not someplace too exotic. (That might be too overwhelming with too much to process. You want to “reform,” not a full out revolution right now.)  Or you can immerse yourself in a short course of study, like the basics of a language or how to shop like a pro on ebay, The immersion in a different kind of experience is not so much for distraction purposes. These different experiences will likely parallel in some form or fashion dimensions of the problems you’re already facing, but with enough of a twist that might help you solve two problems at once. For instance, a taxi cab driver might say something that an ex always says, but you hear it in a completely different context and can see a different nuance to what your ex may have said.