Libra [September 22nd to October 21st]

#MeTime: With “Mr. Always a Grand Ole Party” Jupiter and “Mr. Nothing Larger than the” Sun bound at the hip at the end of this week, I think your fellow Libra, TS Eliot, sums up nicely what to expect this week: “If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?” Every now and again, we dive into metaphorical (or perhaps even literal) waters that seem too deep, but it’s really the panic that can drown us faster than the water when that happens.  The key thing to get now is self-knowledge because that paves the way to knowing your true measure and worth.


#Heartstrings: Sometimes it’s laughter that cracks through the dark places we hole ourselves up, like light. So it’s more than okay to find the people, jokes, videos or pictures that rocket you into hilarity.  It’s not that you may feel particularly depressed. It just may be hard to know what the heck is going on.  There aren’t any easy answers and you might not trust anyone who offers any either. So among the best solutions is to find someone who’s up for the adventures into absurdity and can make the best of it all with some laughs, some conversation and a joint look-see at something interesting.

#MoneyMoves:   You probably can sense that you’re heading toward a better place than you’ve been able to enjoy for the last few weeks.  So it’s okay to feel relieved, though you may have no idea how some stubborn financial or work challenges will dissipate. Perhaps you asked for help, as I mentioned last week. Or you accepted some help offered. Regardless, more assistance and support finds its way to you.  It may not be the lottery, but it’s “Love for #Libras”. The Sun-Jupiter combo this weekend is like a cosmic kiss on the cheek to let you know that fortune is still smiling on you, even when you can’t see the mouth.