Libra [September 22nd to October 21st]

#MeTime: In my 16 years as an astrological counselor, I’ve observed that there are a few signs prone to being best friends with deflection or denial. Yours is one of them. This week I don’t want you even on the same side of the street as either one.  (It might be a nice long term goal to hope you’re free of both, but let’s go with baby steps for now.)  Mercury hits a note this week with Uranus that could help you have ideas and insights that could be on the border of genius.  If you buddy up with deflection, you’ll pass your gifts to someone else. (No.) And if you get caught up with denial, you won’t have the objectivity to deal with a number of situations that require your clarity and rational attention now.


#Heartstrings: You may end up putting someone on the outs who needed to be, even if for a little bit.  This is likely a person who you found it hard to maintain a healthy sense of boundaries, either because you felt compelled to cross oceans, deserts, etc. to support the person or because they were fond of crossing into your space without respecting your own individual life or aspirations.  Now is definitely a time to give a significant amount of attention to your aspirations and to look for co-aspirants.  A co-aspirant is someone who either wants what you want or supports you in your aspiration for what you want.  Anything other than that, now, is someone you need to put on the backburner, if you’re not obliged to care for them by law or duty.

#MoneyMoves: This is still a big learning phase, where you’re in the prep stages of acquiring the knowledge, ideas, or plans that will push forward your actions during the summer.  You will likely find it increasingly difficult to sit on the sidelines of your own life and wonder/muse/complain/pine about it.  Of course, the key big first step is feeding your mind while also speaking your own truth.  Not everyone is going to appreciate your ability to dig beneath the surface. As painful as it may be to face, Libra, you can’t please everybody, especially more than yourself.