Libra [Sept 22nd to Oct 21st]

#MeTime: This week we have the 2nd Gemini new moon. It’s kind of unusual as a sign only gets one new moon each year.  This 2nd new moon happens in your area of the Zodiac Lounge that deals with wisdom, spirituality, understanding, travel and overall broadmindedness. I had to think about that Libra as your sign doesn’t usually have issues with many of those things anyway.  So what’s really bound to be new?  Nothing actually. It’s a review period for you to make sure that you fully understand the lessons you’ve been dealing with over the last few years.  Now as Venus and Saturn move forward next week (after being retrograde), it’s time to tie up the loose ends and hold fast to that new attitude and outlook you’ve been cultivating for the last month.


#Heartstrings: The middle of the week might also feel like the middle of the road for you. This week summer officially arrives with the Sun going into the astrological sign of sensing-feeling Cancer. This might amp up some pressure that’s been building beneath the surface for you and that may prompt you to deal with your boundaries and feelings with people differently.  In other words, “you’re not having it anymore,” whatever “it” has been.  You’ve thought about “it” and over the last few weeks, you may have made some tentative to clear statements about it; but your words and intentions are even clearer now and perhaps with a little more bite to them.  You might want to be careful of that.  You don’t have to puncture someone’s psychological skin to show you have incisors and can bite. What’s worse is that you’ll agonize about doing that later if you go too far. So spare yourself some hand-wringing now without compromising the truth of what you have to say.

#MoneyMoves: Now that summer’s here this week, this means that it’s time for you to go full out for what you want, although you may not be fully certain of what you want or that you’re ready to get it. That’s okay.  Michel Foucault, a brilliant theorist who many credit as one of the fathers of the post-modern movement (and a Libra), talked about reserving the right to change his mind.  There’s no shame in changing your mind if new “data” crops up about the direction you’re going. But keep in mind that no “data,” new or old, can come if you don’t move at all. So angle for a risk on the “grind” front and see what starts to emerge.  Again, it doesn’t have to be huge. You just have to…begin.