Libra [Sept 22nd to Oct 21st]

#MeTime: The review period is over. Venus and Saturn retrogrades end this week. Saturn begins his exit strategy from his nearly 3 year besiegement of your sign, and Venus heralds a celebration for you to start putting into practice the lessons you’ve learned from Saturn in Libra.  Among those key lessons, I imagine, is learning to honor your own counterbalance that you bring to any relationship, rather than focusing on what the other person brings or what you seem to lack within yourself.  Take yourself as seriously as you take others. You can call that your own personal leaden rule, considering Saturn rules lead, not gold.


#Heartstrings: Among your “killer” realizations now are some feelings penned by fellow #Libra Ntozake Shange in the monologue, “Somebody Almost Walked Off Wid All My Stuff” from “For Colored Girls.” You ain’t gotta be a woman or a girl to realize how you can lose yourself and then have to do the hard work of redeeming parts of yourself that you either gave away or someone almost ran off with.  The key thing is getting back as much as you can, so you can do the work of reassembling yourself.  Just like the story of the ancient Egyptian story of Osiris, who was cut up in 14 different pieces, you can’t find everything, but can always make what you can’t find or get back.  So don’t spend too much time arguing with people who ain’t part of that re-assemblage project now.  Focus on appreciating the fiercer self-love that’s growing from within and that will surely radiate out through the rest of the summer.

#MoneyMoves: Begin and trust that the cosmos will dance with you at your beginnings.  Saturn has released his crusty brakes and it’s time to see more of what you’re made of. Maybe you’re a little afraid of that because you’ve been struggling through so much for awhile now. Please do not judge yourself on the scales of self-worth just by what you see in front of you. You have been so much more and can do so much more.  The first step to better financial wealth is accepting that you’re goose who lays the golden eggs. In this life, there’s no other goose who could do it…for you.  It’s never been about the eggs.  It’s always been about you. Now is the time to act like that part is true.