Libra [September 22nd to October 21st]

#MeTime: Cancer season is historically a time for Earth’s peak renewal and that’s been no less true for you, Libra.  Having gone through the pits of despair a few times, you’re ready for fresh air and moving on with your life.  Well, the energy and verve is there for you to do just that, though some of the obstacles may be present too.  I wouldn’t give a lot of attention to the obstacles. Think more about the breakthroughs and how to stimulate a little more excitement and anticipation in your life now.


#Heartstrings: Now that your ego is on the mend and your spirit is on the march again, you’re likely to notice something: there will be those people who favor you when you’re stuck and those people who seem to move right with you as you plow ahead.  You may need to stay clear of the people who favor the “stuck you.” I won’t get into any strange notions that these people are attempting to hold you back as their intentions really aren’t that important. It’s more important that you focus on the people who have “get up and go” when you do rather than those who don’t.

#MoneyMoves: The new moon on Wednesday is significant for you. It symbolizes a moment of beginnings and endings. Let’s focus on you starting up some new projects and efforts to shake off the doldrums you experienced during the late winter and spring. The endings could take a number of shapes. It could be releasing actual people and situations that have inhibited your growth long enough.  Or it could be you quieting your darker thoughts for you to enjoy the sunshine that’s all too willing to shine on your face if you only get out there to greet it.  It doesn’t hurt that your financial prospects offer a glimmer of hope and support too.