Libra [September 22nd to October 21st]

#MeTime: After about six months of traveling through Virgoan nitpickiness, Mars steps into Libra to deliver some muscle for ya.  Mars in your sign is quite a debater and advocate, even when he doesn’t need to be; so be careful of those awkward moments when you may feel compelled to stand up for yourself when you really don’t need to. Martian energy is best used now to clear up some of the fogginess you’ve had with boundaries over the last couple of months and to be more assertive with what you want to happen now.


#Heartstrings: You may find that family may be one critical source of renewal and restoration for fixing the relationship sector of your life that could be either “challenged” or in shambles right now. This doesn’t promise that everything goes great when you connect with family, but it does mean that the “template” for healing one aspect of your life may lead to healing (or at least understanding) in another. Dealing with family and home may have another added benefit of finding comfort with familiar people even if some are not your favorite people.

#MoneyMoves: This full moon at the top of the week signals a mid-year reboot point for you to get back into motion after feeling stalled for roughly two months.  You may find that you’re revisiting ideas and initiatives that were percolating in March & April.  Don’t rush too hard or get too impatient with yourself if you find that things are not going as neatly as you expected. Getting back on your feet and feeling like you’re moving forward is a triumph.  Now that Venus is a morning star, it’s as if your patron planet is reborn and undergoing renewal, just like you.  Keep rising without pulling out your tape measure to see how far you’ve risen.  That’s so not helpful and you’re the only person keeping track.