Libra [September 22nd to October 21st]

#MeTime: It’s pretty darn awesome that right after a new moon last wee, this week opens up with the moon being in your sign. It symbolizes a “cosmic momentum” working in your favor, like a safe wave to buoy you along. It doesn’t mean that you can completely chill, however. Or that you’ll even feel like doing that. You might find that you have more energy to do things than you do usually, so use it. Don’t worry about whether you’ll make a wrong move. De-brief about that later.

#Heartstrings: The fire of Leo should add some spice to you and your relationships now, helping you to dry up the soggy feelings and slushy thoughts you’ve been having for the last few weeks.  If you’re willing to exert a little effort with friends or a significant other, you could have a good amount of fun without having to spend a lot or go very far.  Perhaps the most solid indicator that you’re going into reset mode is if you find yourself laughing a lot more.  That’s an excellent sign.  But you can’t wait for the world to come to you. Get up and get it on!

#MoneyMoves: We’ve talked about the “cosmic momentum” that’s given to you for this week, now it’s about you keeping the resolve and focus to stay on task.  Perhaps at the end of the week, when retrograding Mercury hooks up with the Sun, you could clearly write an action plan for how you will get more things, people, or situations in your life that you can enjoy. Leo is known as an astrological signature of pleasure because, like the Sun, its patron planet, it burns for no reason other than that’s what it does.  Although you might be tempted to say, “Sleep” as the only thing that you really might want to do for its own sake, I’m betting that’s not absolutely true.  Find other things and work on surfacing that more in your life.