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Libra (September 22nd to October 21st)

Whew, it looks like you’re back to swinging your scales this week instead of orbs of doom to hapless and clueless folks who come at you with nonsense.  That’s great, because this is a good week to make sensible headway with your goals AND get some fun in as well. Perhaps you had to work out some disappointment and pent up feelings last week because this week you’re better able to give and share support, especially to colleagues and friends. The only time where you might feel a little off kilter could be toward the hump of the week. If you feel like you could be pressed to snatch a few wigs for offenses, real & imagined, then re-consider by doing something to relax your body or stimulate your mind by distraction. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t address a problem about that time, but perhaps you need to take the edge off first.

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