Libra [September 22nd to October 21st]

#MeTime: Venus is packing up her bags to move out of Gemini next week. For four months she’s been going through your piece of heaven that holds the key to broadening your view of life and your personal horizons.  It’s likely been an excellent time to learn new things or to visit places far or familiar that get you beyond the pale of your regular thinking and points of discussion.  This “expansion” has been to prepare you to take more informed risks. You may have started off with a few over the last four months. You should be ready to see more in the next month to come.


#Heartstrings: This week’s full moon in your pleasure sign, Aquarius, should ramp up your interest in being more social and particularly getting together with trusted friends for heart-to-heart talks and fun.  You may feel like the darker patches of a current or recent relationship may cramp your style, even if you’re in a happier place now. But I wouldn’t worry too much about that. You’ll be back in your groove in no time. The Sun is a revealer and during a full moon, it’s harder to hide the patches you haven’t wanted to face.

#MoneyMoves:  Every Zodiac sign connects with a different part of the body. Your sign connects with the buttocks and the kidneys.  Leo, the sign we’re in now, rules the heart. It’s a great thing we’re going to have a full moon in that sign and that will likely deliver just the thing you need: to feel heartened.  You may not burst into your office, roaring orders around; but you may able to walk in and feel strong enough to tackle the tasks you need to accomplish. We know that you haven’t always felt that way over the last six months. You may not feel at full luster yet, but you’re on the uptick, Libra.  Keep your head up.