Libra (September 22nd to October 21st)

You play pool? If not, I’d think you’d like it. I’m not saying stupid like it’s a Libra game, but I definitely see a lot of lessons that Libras could cull from it, especially at this new moon. Pool is a game of angles and finesse—literally how you put the right spin on a ball. You definitely are (or should be) hustling now, but don’t forget about putting the right spin on the balls you’re shooting. That covers everything from basic manners, to using the right words in that cover letter, to how you dress, or to how you address people at a networking event.  But don’t lose the goal for all the complexities of putting the right spin (or “English” in pool parlance) on the ball.  The goal is to put the metaphorical balls in pockets you want to fill now. You have clear shots now. Shoot ‘em!

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