Libra (September 22nd to October 21st)

You’re coming up on a time of “harvesting,” where you have a better chance of reaping in the good that you can get, even amidst some of the bad. Granddaddy “Deep Pockets” Jupiter strikes up a jam with the spontaneous, originator Uranus to sound off some luck or great ideas that could improve your fortunes this week. I know you’re all ears for that, but it’s also likely that something is worrying you. It’s kind all behind the scenes because Mercury and the Sun hook up this week to do something called a “superior conjunction.” It’s a shift for Mercury to reflect, receive and process wisdom from one’s higher (i.e. Superior) Self.  This is the time when you’re trying to figure out the long game rather than manage short-term action steps.  So you’re both harvesting and reflecting at the same time.  Be sure to do both though.

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