Libra (September 22nd to October 21st)

Despite my admonition to harvest and reflect last week, I bet you’re more on the reflecting side this week, aren’t ya? It’s okay.  In the sky & your psyche, the Sun and Mercury are in Virgo, and this mirrors the moment when you are thinking about how, will, should and could an array of details may or may not come together.  It’s like an army of Lilliputian worries and fears, from Gulliver’s Travels, that want to tie you up whenever you slow your roll. Here’s why I emphasized the harvest part of what to do now. You are bigger than your problems. I know that may not seem true in the moment, but it’s ultimately true. It’s the nature of problems, if we imagine them alive and thinking, to think that they can string you, the giant, up with their madness.

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