Libra (September 22nd to October 21st)

This week will surface for you the preciousness of friends and having a network.  Social capital is not to be taken for granted, as you probably know and have hardwired into your celestial DNA, Libra.  But perhaps you do take your abilities to connect or to have an interest in connecting for granted. If you can always charm up friends or the like, why put a lot of effort into the dearness of them?  I’ll tell you why, when you feel you could lose someone, and that could happen this week.  You’re working hard these days and likely making some good headway, perhaps even financially. But social capital is what can keep off the streets when you have no other capital or credit.  More important, social capital really is the treasures of your heart made of flesh, perhaps initially drawn into your orbit by your charms, but maintained by your loyalty. Treat them accordingly.  

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