Libra (September 22nd to October 21st)

There’s nothing like a little crisis to fan your emotional flames. You’re pretty heady, child of the Scales, always weighing and rationing out what fits.  In fact, y’all can be the Queens and Kings of Rationalization, and have to be very careful of justifying stuff that your heart either isn’t behind or perhaps shouldn’t be. This crisis, whether it be of the heart, hearth or checking account is only partially about any one or more of those things. It’s a gut check to make sure you’re awake at the wheel.  Here’s how to know when you’ve checked out: If you find yourself frequently talking about the same thing this week with different folks & different angles, there’s a good chance you’re rationalizing, attempting to convince yourself or them about merits. A fave candidate for something like this is a relationship. If you’re talking more about a relationship than enjoying the relationship, you could be rationalizing.

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