Libra (September 22nd to October 21st)

Finally, your dance with the Sun is at hand and you’re the toast of the Annual Zodiac Ball.  With your patron Venus in the equivalent of a celestial “break up to make up” phase with Mars this week, be on high alert for times when friends or associates may take away attention from priorities, whether social or work-related.  You don’t need the drama around your birthday, so mind your p’s & q’s when it comes to keeping yourself a priority too.  Another priority will be finances. There’s a pretty significant eclipse next month for you on October 18, so it’s a great time to check and double-check your career and money goals & resources for the rest of the year.  You’ve mulled a lot over the past few weeks. It’s time to act on things, gearing up for your own personal new moon/new year next week.

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