Sometimes déjà vu just happens.  And this year you can expect it to happen a lot as Neptune, planet of glamour, imagination, illusion and boundless spirituality, finally settles into its 14-year trek through your sign. All the déjà vu moments, as intense as they may get, are pretty much cosmic notification chimes rather than full-out car siren alarms to see if you’re paying attention. Please pay attention.  You may find it easy to get distracted this year—distracted by your fears, by the beauty of your own dreams, by your empathy, by your need to believe, by your own thirst for exploring the depths of your own spirit.  Naturally you might ask how could someone be “distracted” by so many things that sound wonderful? That’s easy. Many times if you pay attention to any one particular thing for too long, especially the wonderful stuff, then you aren’t completely paying attention.  That’s some tricky cosmic science, I know.  But learning that lesson is what’s going to see you through this year.  You are either gonna have to learn to stay pliable to entertain multiple truths at once or go with the flow without holding on to one thing too tightly. I’m sure that ain’t easy, but sometimes you’ll make it look easy.  Other times, people may think you’ve zoned out.  (That’s okay, though.  They can’t see what you see…unless they’re Pisces too.)  It will help that a good part of the year will have Mars travelling through Virgo, the sign opposite to yours. This will likely feel like swift kicks in the derriere from people and situations when you’d rather sit down or sit things out. Most likely, at first, you might feel a little resentful about being pressed to make choices before you’re ready, but soon enough  you’ll see the wisdom of it all.  Then there will another opportunity from the cosmos to see if you’re paying attention, because sometimes déjà vu just happens.


You’re likely to find yourself thinking more about how to experience more pleasure and joy in your life. That’s likely to get you also thinking about two other things money and work.  With Uranus, the planet of innovation and renewal,  in your finance/material support sector now, you’re likely to to be thinking about creative ways to draw money to you.  It will be immensely helpful to you now to write out your goals and don’t be afraid to sprinkle them with some details. In fact, put your foot in your goals now, just like we talk about food. This means that the more you draw on your sensuality in dreaming about your goals, the more you are present and all the more that can be presented to you.  You’re doing the work of anchoring spirit or ideals to Earth now, so don’t skip steps.  Enjoy each nook and cranny of the experience.


We can find you either kickin’ ass now or getting kicked. It’s really up to you, despite all appearances to the contrary.  As I said above, you have to pay attention and a big part of paying attention is being present.  One way that Pisceans frequently turn up absent is focusing on other people as a means of affirming themselves.  It’s important to affirm yourself while affirming others.  Also you gotta be careful about wearing your feelings on your sleeves, leaving other people to be responsible for your responses to whatever may be happening. Don’t give away your own power.  Mars, in your partnership sign, Virgo, let’s us know that now is the time to meet the resistance you may be experiencing with faith and determination. The goals you set up for the winter need your muscle.


Too much of a good thing doesn’t make the thing better.  It can just make you broke and broken-up.  You may feel very social during this time or garner more unsolicited attention from people if you’re naturally reserved.  You may even be called upon or feel called to care for people more than you usually do.  The message is consistently clear though: don’t over do it.  Now is the time to pay attention to how much you do to please other people out of obligation or out of sheer joy.  Doing too much out of obligation, either because the opportunity is there or to please someone else, isn’t why you’re on Earth.  Be mindful of your joy and get more of that in. But, of course, not too much. You’re likely to feel the reprecussions of over-indulging with a swiftness.


You return to “center” this season, but with some innovations on the ideas and goals you cultivated at the start of the year.  Now with Saturn in Scorpio plowing into the area of your life that promotes deeper and broader understandings of things, you are not likely to be satisifed with easy answers or some of the pat solutions for problems you used in the past.  You’re looking and hungry for more. In fact, you’re hungrier than you’ve been in awhile. Be careful that your impulse to go deeper doesn’t translate into a resentment and impatience with those who aren’t as willing to go as deep with you or who don’t show as much commitment.  Everyone’s entitled to a life. Be grateful for fully embracing your own life and let that be enough.

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