Pisces [February 19th to March 20th]

#MeTime: Your attitude is what makes the most difference when things seem stalled or frustrated as they seem right now. Sometimes positive affirmations may seem like empty words, but a real positive attitude is what can take you farthest through difficult times. Let’s start with a simple one: “this too will pass.”

#Heartstrings: Friends or colleagues may require more of your attention than most other “love” groups, like family or lovers, this month. You’re usually brilliant at providing an empathic ear to people, but you may be called on to go in deeper with them. Perhaps you may have to challenge some of their assumptions about a problem a little more than they may be willing to see. Be gentle with this, especially at the first half of the month.

#MoneyMoves:  You’ll need the most patience here as you may fear that there’s not enough happening with your career and your money flow. Panic won’t help. Planning for you is never a cut and dry enterprise, because you like to feel like you also have a pulse on what should happen next. Right now, you probably don’t, especially at the top of the month. Toward the last two weeks, you’ll start to receive some inklings and intuitions that could prove promising.

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