Pisces (February 19th to March 20th
Don’t make any sudden movements. No, the cosmic police are not coming to arrest you, but slowing your roll may be among one of the wisest things you can do this week.  This will give you time to think before making any sweeping judgments. First, you should know that Mercury goes retrograde next week. This means that from the Earth’s perspective, Mercury appears to move backward through the signs. This event usually causes us to feel some backwardness in communication or travel. So you have to be sure what you think you’re hearing and seeing is what, indeed, is happening. Similarly, Venus has finally straightened out her wig and is dancing right with the world again after her own 40-day retrograde.  This means that connections that had found their groove might slide off a little bit, but it’s nothing too pressing to worry about or even rush to fix just yet.
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