Pisces (February 19th to March 20th)  

As you’re piecing together how things fit for new or next stages in your career, you might be a little thrown off by how things seem to be going almost too well. Well, I’m not here to tell you about another shoe dropping that’s gonna squash you like a bug soon enough. In fact, this week seems great keeping up momentum. Looking for other things to “drop” on you will only distract you from getting where you’re go-ing. And you are going somewhere, even if you’re not certain that this is so. You have to keep the hope that the Cosmos is a living one and more than willing to meet you halfway with every step you’re taking. It may not take the steps when you’re taking them or when you’d like; but if you’re still moving, there must be a Cosmos willing to move with you.  

Samuel F. Reynolds is a NYC-based astrologer. His personal consultations have been described as “healing” and “brilliantly insightful.” He’s offering special, recorded 1-hour consultations for $95 for Ebony.com readers, in person or by phone/skype. For more info, visit return2thesource.com, write [email protected] or follow on Twitter at @sfreynolds.