Pisces (February 19th to March 20th)


#MeTime: This week is the start of something BIG for you, since Neptune, the planet of spirituality, heightened awareness, and imagination, blows into your sign finally for the next 13 years.  So you can expect this to be a time of adjustment, energetically, as you may become either hyperaware of certain sounds, sights, smells, etc. or feel like sinking your head into sand.  You might also feel like daydreaming or zoning out a lot.  Allocate time for rest and don’t skimp on sleep. You gotta leave time to process all the info filtering through your brain when your eyes are open.

#Heartstrings: The Venus-Mars tango in the “zodiac lounge” is likely gonna amp up your libido. If you’re single, then you may find many bees willing to buzz around your hive.  But ain’t enough of them making honey.  Unfortunately, you might have to make more of your own, if you get my metaphor, and have fun with the buzzing.  If you’re attached, mixed signals, from your end or from the other, leaves y’all going nowhere or somewhere not too far.  Don’t rely on what’s known as much as keep open to exploring as if you didn’t know.  Single or attached now, the Pisces nation is only for the intrepid, curious explorer, not for the familiar tourist.

#MoneyMoves:  As Uranus, our whiz kid planet, hacks deeper into your money sign, Aries, you start to “download” insights and novel approaches to dealing with and making money.  It doesn’t mean that you get caught up in a side-hustle, per se; but you either could rock a hustle or come across other ways to make your money work for you, like certain investment tools or opportunities.  Or it could be there’s a certain lucky number that just won’t quit and you have to play it.  Regardless, the “formula” is pay attention to the unexpected and innovative ways of making money.