Pisces (February 19th to March 20th) 

You know as otherworldly focused as the ancient scriptures, like the Bible and Qur’an are, they actually frame a lot of things in the mercantile experience of this world, like “the wages of sin are death” or “you’ve purchased lies at the cost of truth,” to paraphrase both books. That’s interesting to me for you this week because you might have a bit more of a mercantile sense of how things are going this week too. You, too, often have your sights on other worlds, whether it’s having your dreams come true in this world or transporting yourself to a dream world. But you’re becoming keenly aware now of how that “dreamy” energy affects you in this world. Perhaps the word “sacrifice” comes to mind for you. You have to be careful with that word, however. It means to make holy. Be sure what you’re sacrificing is making you whole and not an act of convenience or, worse, desperation. Some aspects of this world should be non-negotiable for dreams in this world or another.

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