Pisces [Feb 19th to Mar 20]

#MeTime: Have you heard of Don Miguel Ruiz’s book, “The Four Agreements?” One of the agreements is “Be impeccable with your word.”  Of course, this means telling the truth and keeping your promises, but it also means saying what you mean to say, knowing that your word IS bond.  I know a few Pisceans who when they feel overwhelmed by the sea of life might say something like “FML”—F*#k My Life. Please cut that phrase from your vocabulary as quickly as possible. Do you really want the cosmos to do that, to f*#k your life?  Someone’s always listening, even if it’s your own mind. Be attentive to what you’re putting into it and what you’re listening to.  It matters especially this week.


#Heartstrings: We’re at the cusp of your birthday and sign, so you may feel very Piscean.  This means that you tend to think in holons as Aquarian Ken Wilber might say.  Holons are things that are whole unto themselves, but part of greater wholes.  You will be able to make links before the links are completely clear to yourself or others.  So you might have insights into how people could work (or not) in your life before you fully can describe it.  Don’t get frustrated if you seemed tongue-tied about explaining your thoughts as it may take a lil bit of time to sort out the different parts.

#MoneyMoves: You may be pushing toward a subtle crisis point when it comes to money. This could signify a time when you feel you want to “monetize” a passion of yours, or you want to let go and be really self-indulgent for a change.  Whatever way you wanna spin it, you’re in full out “fight the power” mode when it comes to your money. Sounds great, in theory, but let me be blunt: you are the power.  So you got to be careful how you get gangsta because you’ll be sabotaging yourself. Embrace your need for a detour, but launch something that isn’t going to ruin your life plans.  Figure out a significant investment or indulgence you can make that does just that.