Pisces (February 19th to March 20th)  
This week we launch fully into YOUR season. Yes, it’s finally your turn. However, this may be a quieter time than usual birthday seasons for you, with you either speaking less or wanting to enjoy natural sounds or quiet more. If you’re the least bit alarmed by this, don’t be. This time of stillness will allow you to start making sense of some insights and realizations you’ve had over the last six months.  This is a process, so it’s better to plan out how you’ll excavate your thoughts rather than to think it’s all going to come to light in one week. Also, all this is going to change you. I can’t get into whether this change is for worse or better, because I’m not judging it or you. You shouldn’t either. But the change that’s happening from this stillness will help you connect more to the world you want to hear and see and less to the noise.

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