Pisces [Feb 19th to Mar 20th]

#MeTime: Artist Paul Gaugin once said, “I shut my eyes in order to see.”  Of course, this doesn’t work when you’re driving, but you may find that it works with a lot of other things this week. Now that Neptune’s in your sign, she’s inspiring you to see with your inner eyes. This means that you may not be able to rely on automatic impulses. Don’t be surprised if you forget things or find it hard to do things that you normally could do with your eyes closed.  It’s not permanent. Just a way to make sure you’re paying attention and to sharpen your intuition.


#Heartstrings: A new moon this week in your sign is a new beginning, almost like the start of your sign’s new year.  With Mars going retrograde in your partnership sign for the first six months of this year, you’re pressed to take a step back from your first impulse to empathize and connect to get clear on your own needs and sense of identity.  Someone close to you is likely to get you jumping into their skin and their life, so trust the beauty of your second impulse to jump out.  It doesn’t mean you can’t help or support, but discern enough to know how much. And you can only do so much.

#MoneyMoves:  There’s a saying in the entrepreneurial world: “Pay yourself first.” It means taking steps to shore up your assets before you get into what you gotta do for someone else.  So be sure to save a portion of your income for your own dreams and goals, even if you’re not clear what they are now. Sit with yourself to figure out which dreams inspire you the most. Don’t worry too much about the financial viability before you start.  You know how much Tim Berners-Lee, a key architect of World Wide Web, made when he pursued his passion?  Zilch.  He’s chillin’ now, but he started with a vision—the money’s gravy.