Pisces [Feb 19th to Mar 20th]

#MeTime: In pop culture life, glamor is taken as something wonderful and beautiful. However, in some spiritual traditions, glamor is seen as a problem. So much so that 20th century esoteric spiritual writer Alice Bailey wrote a book called “Glamour: A World Problem.”  In short, glamour happens when we confuse shadow for substance and sh*t for shine.  When that happens we’re mainly focused on responding or reacting rather than coming from what resonates from our spirits.  If you want a clue as to what’s really glamor in your life, then start with a simple question: does it make your heart beat for joy, whatever it is?


#Heartstrings: We hear with our ears, but we listen with our whole selves when we’re on point.  This is your time to be on point, Pisces.  We’re entering the shadow period of Mercury retrograde. That means that you gotta do a sound check between what you THINK potential and present partners are saying and what they’re actually saying.  You might also feel like some people are sounding like scratched CDs of a tune you used to like until it got overplayed.  Sit ‘em down and talk about creating some new vibes or be clear that you may have to let them loose.

#MoneyMoves:  Last week’s new moon was very powerful, because the Sun and Moon joined at the hip with Neptune, a planet known for tapping into the deep of our dreams and spirit. So right now you’re only scratching the surface of a whole new sense of movement and energy coming into your life.  New moons can feel like surfacing from the bottom of a pool.  Nothing is exactly as it seems and this may feel especially true while you’re making moves for “stable flexibility.” Trust your natural buoyancy and your determination, though you only know approximately how things are going to look once you surface.