Pisces [February 19th to March 20th]

#MeTime: Time to get lifted while Neptune, the planet of spirituality, heightened awareness, and imagination, settles into your area of the Zodiac Lounge.  You’re focused on spiritual matters or musing about the impermanence of life.  In fact, you may experience a renewed sense of inspiration and awe about life, seeing it clearer and with more beauty than you’ve seen in awhile.  In fact, this week’s full moon may also make your daydreams and dreams seem livelier and clearer now, almost like you’re dreaming in HD.  Also share your inspiration and insights with others.


#Heartstrings: You’re probably gonna find it hard to keep up “appearances” at the top of the week as it may feel too much of a psychic drain.  It’s not so much that you have no interest in looking good, being nice, or even accommodating. It’s more like you don’t feel like holding the space for people’s feelings if they’re not willing to do it for themselves.  No one’s died and appointed you the guardian for everyone’s heart or sense of good taste.  Of course, the challenge is to be able to express this without wounding. Luckily, this seems to be more of an issue with people who are part of your work life or people you only casually encounter.

#MoneyMoves:  When Venus, our “how we rock our groove” planet, moves into your money sign, Aries, on Thursday, you can expect that you’ll become more aware of some important needs that you’ve been neglecting. So it’s okay to invest more in some self-love and care now and not feel that it’s frivolous. It’s also okay to think about starting a new venture that’s been on your mind, especially if it’s collaborative.  You feel like you’re in a better space to be clear on what you want out of situations and what you have to give, energetically and financially.