Pisces [Feb 19th to March 20th]

#MeTime: My college alma mater had a cool motto: Knowledge crowns those who seek her.  This motto’s almost the opposite of what seems to be standard fare in modern culture: Knowledge gives a platinum card to those who use Wikipedia or Google. It doesn’t matter whether you’re digging for self-knowledge or knowledge of the riddle of Higgs bosons, this week is all about digging beneath the surface to unearth stuff and seek knowledge. But knowledge is a two-way path. It’s not just about you seeking. It’s also about having space for knowledge to come to and honor you. Sometimes the best way is not just collecting a whole bunch of books or websites as much as allowing yourself to sit with the questions longer than you might sit with a fast answer.


#Heartstrings: Unfortunately, Mercury’s retrograde does affect you as your partnership sign, Virgo, is “managed” by the fast-talking, fast moving, fast-thinking planet. So when Mercury slows down like this, it signals a time to really deal with your expectations about relationships and whether what you think you know is really what you actually know.  We all carry assumptions, and, contrary to our pop belief, they don’t always make an “ass” out of us. They can congeal into trust if our assumptions are based on real evidence.  It’s not foolish to trust. It might turn out to be foolish to have trust with no real evidence to think so though.

#MoneyMoves:  Neptune’s belly-flop into your sign a month ago has made enough waves and ripples in the pool that now you can stop feeling fearful that some of your hard-earned stability from last year will start to wither away.  It’s not going to right now. In fact, now is the time to fortify your gains by digging deeper to put more into your savings. You’ll also find it easier now to slim the fat in your portfolio and expenses.  Also, pay careful attention to the email and notices you receive now. Your scrutiny and curiosity may lead to extra ways of keeping things solid and on point.