Pisces (February 19th to March 20th)

#MeTime: The first new moon of spring, kicked off by the sign Aries, is always significant for you. The Sun’s journey into Aries crystalizes whatever intentions you have been mulling over and puts your manifestation power into action.  The astrological glyph for your sign is this. And the glyph for Aries is this.  What happens is that the two curves of Pisces (symbolizing two fish swimming in opposite directions bound by string) come together into one forceful line with curves at the top—the ram’s horns. This conveys a deep inner principle about Pisces: the alignment of your will can transform your contrary directions into pure energy and manifestation. Use that energy now!


#Heartstrings: A new moon with a Mercury retrograde is gonna get things jumpin’ in a lot of different directions at first.  It’s okay if you can’t explain to yourself or anyone else what exactly is going with you, because you’re not likely to know. In fact, you gotta watch out for the small, almost imperceptible things as they mostly make ish unpredictable in largely “predictable” systems later on.  In math and science, there’s a cute phrase for it—“the butterfly effect.”  It takes a lil thrashing to become a spring butterfly, so significant others will have to put a up bit with you being all over the place. You’ll be fine in the near by and by and with much more notable results.

#MoneyMoves:  The first few days of spring bring renewed confidence and hope when it comes to money and the merry making of it. You might have to put some mettle to the pedal just before the new season kicks in, though. The moon gives Mars, the planetary 4-star General, the side-eye before she moves into her new phase, basically because she fears he’s inching in on her. So you gotta trigger finger that could serve you well, if you correctly see someone muscling in on your territory or boundaries.  Um, it sucks though if you’re wrong about that. So feel things out before you go all out on a player.