Pisces (February 19th to March 20th)

While on the go, it might be hard to sync up your feelings, devices or schedules with those who feel they should have more time with you. Part of the problem comes from a deep part of you that has trouble trusting or fully believing in attachments, whether we’re talking people, places or things. For others, they wonder if  you can ever be fully available to them. For you, it all depends on what they’re trying to have you available for. That’s the part you need to get clearer about. This week’s full moon is loaded with a lot of dynamic energy around attachments, action and renewal. You’re embracing newer dimensions of yourself and looking closely at what keeps you hooked—in romance, at work, or when you’re relaxing. However, you’re not syncing as nicely as all parties would like because some people, places and things are getting unhooked, even if you and “they” are the last to know. 

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