Pisces [Febr 19th to Mar 20th]

#MeTime: Rise and shine, Pisces! Your annual full moon is on high beam. It’s time to bring to light some of the dynamic changes you’ve been going through.  You might not feel like it though since you’re more inclined to explore your own rich inner world more. That whole “in the world, but not of it” idea may prompt to weigh between being a hermit and a host(ess). Don’t fight the dynamic between both or think that it’s all “out there” in the world. You have the energy to meet the world, but perhaps you just don’t want to exert too much energy. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just accept where you are, and trust what you feel in the moment.


#Heartstrings: You might have to help people find a work-around your moodiness or at least your inclination toward being hot or cold about commitments or “extra” stuff now.  The Full moon is gonna have you feelin’ internally drained—yet ready to be filled up.  This is when you’re gonna have to pay attention to boundaries and say “No” when you feel like you’re overextending yourself and not giving your body enough physical attention.  With Venus saddling up with Jupiter in the night sky now, laughter also becomes a wonderful way to lift your energy.

#MoneyMoves:  With Mercury and Uranus tied at the hip in your financial seat of the Zodiac Lounge, this is the time when a really novel idea or set of ideas could really be exciting and rewarding.  The enthusiasm from those two planets working together could lead to some interesting changes in your routines, habits, and home life to improve your overall performance. But act fast because Mercury is going retrograde at the end of the week.  But don’t worry about losing your gains with the retrograde. You’ll have time to revisit them and polish them up instead. Trying to get new ideas during a retrograde can be hard otherwise.