Pisces [February 19th to March 20th]

#MeTime: Mercury doesn’t like to be in Pisces because it’s too intuitive and “emo” for him. But I think he’ll have some pearls of wisdom (along with some parting shots) for you after leaving your sign for Aries for another year. One pearl: you need to have space for yourself to receive and process those intuitive flashes you receive.  Another pearl was best said by a Pisces, Albert Einstein: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Don’t sacrifice your imagination for raw facts, data, or what someone else tells you is true. You have at least two dimensions or sides of your brain to handle both imagination and knowledge as real.


#Heartstrings: Let’s talk about Mars in Virgo, your partnership sign, for a moment. If there’s any particular moment in recent history that captures both the messiness of Mars with the love of precision of Virgo, it’s the first Gulf War. Perhaps you remember as generals, pundits and even the first President Bush assured us that our advanced technology assured us that war could be fought with precision and minimal damage. We saw eventually that war still gets messy, regardless, since precision bombing was only used 7% of the time.  So with significant relationships and people, you have to be honest about the givens with any action that requires you to draw up rules and boundaries. One given: you can minimize the harm you might do to someone by choosing your actions and words carefully, but don’t delude yourself into thinking that you can escape all the messiness.

#MoneyMoves:  At the top of the week, you might have some gnawing uneasiness about your finances because of the showdown between Saturn and the Sun in in your sign’s key financial “districts.”  But once Mercury speeds out of your sign into Aries, your resources sign, you can expect to have more positive thoughts and energy surrounding what’s going down with your money. It’s an excellent time to think about new ventures or to shepherd some new methods or strategies coming your way that could change how you make money.