Pisces [February 19th to March 20th]

This might be the hard part.  For about a month, Pisces, the image that comes to mind when I think about your horoscope has been pouring cement.  You’ve been in the phase where what you’ve been settling and shaping has been malleable. As we go deeper into Taurus season this week, things become less changeable and you have to start fixing more into place.  Let’s be clear here: fixing things into place doesn’t have to be a chore or drudgery.  Although it might be a struggle at the top of the week to fully tap into your joy, you’ll quickly remember that any particular project, endeavor or relationship has phases where things may be “hardening” while other parts of it are more malleable.  Just shift your attention to the more the supple aspects of whatever settling into place.  By the weekend, you may feel recharged all over again. 

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