Pisces (February 19th to March 20th)

#MeTime: A lot of people think of your sign as dreamy and all “pie in the sky.” Then there are weeks like this that set people straight. There are many creatures in the sea, like jellyfish or stingrays, which seem both entranced and enchanting with their movements, until they mess you up in an instant.  Of course, the issue is not that you’re likely to mess anyone up as much as people should not mistake your “otherworldliness” for wholesale checking out of this one. It happens sometimes, but not this week. You’re very present in your life and there’s a sharpness to how your mind works now that will help you make decisions that seemed too convoluted and murky earlier.


#Heartstrings: Although spring has been in swing for a while, you may have been a step behind in fully feeling like it is spring. You’ve had a rough patch, planets-wise: Neptune fogging things up; Mars retrograding in your relationship sign; and Mercury rear-ending into your sign, sowing some confusion a few weeks ago. But now, things seem to be moving forward with greater heat and clarity than it has. So it might prompt you to overreact a bit as you want to throw off the confusion and shade you’ve been experiencing with certain significant people in your life.  The best advice would be to tend to all of this with gentleness, knowing that going too hard isn’t good for your heart nor will it make your spring go any sweeter or better than it looks like it already will be.

#MoneyMoves:  Mercury now teams up with the power of the Promethean planet, Uranus, to bring forth the “fire” of the “gods” so you can better focus on how you transform your many gifts into something that uplifts people (and yourself). In more real terms, your growing amount of clarity allows you to fine tune and give a little more definition to the visions and goals you “dreamt” or thought about when things were murkier this past winter.  You may also find easier to speak up about your needs and interests at work or with clients, rather than let things be free-floating.