Pisces [Feb 19th to Mar 20th]

#MeTime: At the beginning of the year, I talked about déjà vu with your sign. Now seems like a particularly familiar time for issues and themes you’ve probably faced at least several times before, if not recently.  We get wind of this development from Pluto. Contrary to what you may have heard, Pluto is still very much a planet for astrologers. Astronomers demoted him. Fittingly enough, Pluto helps us deal with the stuff we think we control, but don’t (like getting demoted). You’re more keenly aware than most other signs about delusions of control and how we create karma by how tight we clutch to those delusions. All this déjà vu is prompting you to look at some of the pearls of control you won’t release. You can surrender them or keep revisiting them. The choice is yours.


#Heartstrings: Mars going full steam ahead in your relationship sign, Virgo, at the end of the week is a very good thing, ultimately. However, in the short term, you might acutely feel some feelings of stickiness and murkiness with others during this time, kinda like the jerk forward you have after a vehicle that’s been stuck awhile gets going. You might feel the impulse to tackle a communication problem with someone who reflects this stickiness/murkiness this week, but I think you should do that toward the top of next week. Use this week to strategize or at least think through how you’re going to detail improving communication and better problem solving methods.

#MoneyMoves:  The line up of Mars in Virgo, Venus in Gemini and Neptune (in your sign) this week gets me thinking of the alchemical process of albedo to describe what’s happening with you on the career and money front.   Albedo is a purification process that readies a vehicle or body to receive a new intention or elevated sense of spirit.  Neptune spiritually makes us ready, but the passion of Mars and Venus is what fuels us toward living our joys rather than our jobs.  If you lose something valuable or you seem to be losing ground with your work, take heart that this a reflection of albedo and you’re readying for even a better way to manifest your spirit’s joys and intentions.