Pisces (February 19th to March 20th)

Some people write or talk because there’s so much surging through their heads that they fear they’ll explode. You may or may not feel ready to explode, but you’re ready to share some of the info and thoughts you’ve been consolidating.  Classically, Pisces is known as one of the mute signs. The idea is that as a water sign symbolized by a fish, there’s no sound made. (True for Cancer & Scorpio, too, the other water signs.) I know too many chatty Pisceans to take mute literally. But mute could mean more that there’s an initial reaction to keep things in or to share in an indirect way.  So, Pisces, begin something that allows you to share and communicate. Perhaps it has a muted quality about it, like recording something you’ve wanted to say out loud—but for your ears only. Or writing under a pseudonym. The muted way doesn’t matter; the starting does.

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