Pisces [February 19th to March 20th]

#MeTime: You may find it easier and exciting to make connections with folks and ideas now, but still experience a kind of drain now, especially at the top of the week. Toward the end of the week, you need to create time to stay mentally active but with fewer sources of input. You know you’ve reached your cue to simplify your connections when you feel like you’re either more anxious or losing your temper more. You regularly need time to soak in your own sauce, so don’t get addicted too much to the energy surge from all the connections you’re making.


#Heartstrings: Your sign represents the beautiful ebb and flow of the oceans that connect all the lands of our planet.  This week you may feel much more in alignment with that representation than you have in a long time.  The downside is that like the oceans, you’re also deep and you need to experience that depth either by yourself or with someone else.  It may be hard to catch the depth of your own internal rhythm with loved ones this week, even though you might feel the excitement and energy surging on more superficial levels. Of course, you got crack the surface to go deeper, so if someone’s willing to go deeper with you in spirit, deed or conversation, let it be. But don’t press for anything if no one’s attempting to make it happen.

#MoneyMoves: It’s a good time to put out feelers for the next stage of growth and development you sense coming with work. But it’s a two-fold process. There’s a clearing AND a softer building phase that’s happening now.  You can think of this time more like crafting a project proposal. You’re drawing on existing resources; looking at ways to improve what you already have; and looking ahead for other newer elements that will make everything come together.  So what do you have to clear?  It’s time to clear away the tentativeness about the ideas you’ve had and take first steps toward manifesting them. The upcoming eclipse at the end of the week will help. Tune in next week to get details on how.