Pisces [Feb 19th to March 20th]

#MeTime: Although your connectivity powers have been sharpened with Venus in Gemini, you may find it difficult to maintain connections or the feeling about the connections.  It’s like getting 200 new follows on twitter or facebook and not knowing any of them or feeling like you care.  It’s because what you attract also has to belong to you..and you to it!  Sometimes the key to sticking with new people or even the old ones is to focus on those elements that not only make sense or inspire curiosity, but those other aspects that are more mysterious and nonsensical. It’s having a balance of both.  Now is the time to figure how much room you have in your life for the mysterious and uneasy clicks.


#Heartstrings:  A lot of places, things and people can feel like home, but what probably makes a “thing” feel most like home is a sense of belonging.  Whether you’re the kind of Pisces that feels at home with the whole cosmos or one who feels at home with only a select few, you may feel a bit out of sorts about your relationship to “home” now.  Last Sunday’s solar eclipse is a challenge (and a veiled boost) from the cosmos for you to deepen your sense of belonging and feel a little pressure not to take that sense of belonging for granted.  What you don’t want to do is get caught up in a cycle of fear or low grade tension about permanently losing a sense of place. This too shall pass, but don’t think it will pass with a wave of your hand or a magic wand. It’s gonna take a little work and time. (Perhaps until the end of the summer.)

#MoneyMoves: Last week, we talked about you preparing for a newer stage of development in your work and career and I mentioned that I would detail a bit how. As a water sign, you have to be careful of having too many attachments to your ideas or plans.  No offense, but often the fire and air signs do a little better with this and let me tell you their secret: they’re more willing to play a numbers game.  Not every idea you have has to be precious nor does it have to be terribly practical. If you come up with 100 ideas in a week, it’s more than fine if only 10 of them are viable.  The key thing is to allow yourself to feel the inspiration and buoyancy about ideas without going full-on about nurturing and doting on them.  Be gloriously vulnerable to your ideas, rather than attempting to shield yourself from disappointment if they fail you (or you seem to fail them.)  There’s more where those ideas came from.