Pisces [February 19th to March 20th]

#MeTime: Your patron planet, Jupiter, moseys out of his year-long grazing in Taurus to land up in jumping Gemini.  This places him in the chair at your Zodiac Lounge table that promotes expansion in your domestic sphere and growing down your roots with greater confidence and understanding.  The jumping Gemini part means that there’s usually some change at the foundational level, including with your residence. It will likewise prompt you to get a clearer sense of yourself in relation to your family or heritage.  It also helps to engage nature on a direct level, either through gardening or just walking a little more often through the grass.


#Heartstrings:  The word origin of “scrutiny” is closely related to rummaging through trash.  You may feel the impulse to scrutinize your friends and lovers during this time. But then think that you might be picking through their (psychological) trash too. Yuck!  Now, sometimes it’s necessary to have to pick through people’s trash, like if you’ve lost something there or you’re helping them find something.  However, it’s really only useful to pick through someone’s real or mental stuff if you’re taking them to court or they’re paying you to do so.  It’s probably better to focus on delivering a pick-me-up word rather than the words that could pick apart.

#MoneyMoves: Speaking of trash and scrutiny, your resources could benefit from a little scrutiny and perhaps clearing out some things that need to go in the trash.  By resources, I’m thinking about your fiscal, physical, material and psychological wealth. Late spring may not seem the ideal time to deal with purging, but astrologically it is. Jupiter’s jump into Gemini brings gifts and changes, but no changes come without clearing space and re-thinking how things are used first.  Even if you’ve already done spring-cleaning, it’s time for more.  It’s also time to think about ways to strengthen your credit and purchasing power.  You don’t have to start big. You’ll be able to go farther with this in about two weeks.