Pisces [Feb 19th to Mar 20th]

#MeTime: As the Sun drifts into Cancer this week to get in harmony with Neptune, a planet to chronicle how we raise our collective and individual vibrations, the focus is on time with yourself and to steep in vibes that nurture and heal. If there’s disruption in your life, especially toward the middle of the week, find a way to turn it way down or off, if you can.  You might also benefit and feel a greater sense of renewal from connecting with anything associated with water—by swimming, bathing, drinking, sailing, or sitting quietly by the water.


#Heartstrings:  Pleasure actually does require a lot of discipline, despite theimage of a carefree libertine or pleasure seeker.  You might find yourself even more disciplined and serious about what gives you pleasure than usual. It may be that you make small steps to carve out more time for a hobby, or you step up your game to learn more about the nuts and bolts of an activity.  This might cause some friction with those in your life who are either used to having more of your time or who are not as focused on enhancing their pleasure as you are.  You can be somewhat accommodating, but I advise not to be too much so. It’s okay to make your pleasure a priority for a season…or two.

#MoneyMoves: As a student of astrology, it makes sense to me that many of the most influential economists and money managers of our age have been water signs, including Pisces Alan Greenspan, who was head of the Federal Reserve for 19 years.  Although money is about earthly things, it’s our behavior, feelings and vibes about things that makes us move material things, like money and precious resources, around in the first place. If you have the sense that you need to broaden your financial knowledge while simultaneously shoring up your portfolio now, there’s a reason. You likely sense some broad-scale changes brewing beneath the surface or that are just starting to cap. You don’t have to suspect the worst; but it would be wise to know that if there are some challenges with the economy, you’re being the best steward that you can be with your resources, no matter how major or meager you think they are.