Pisces [February 19th to March 20th]

#MeTime: For whatever reason, people underestimate you. Maybe it’s being named after a fish. People seem to think that they can throw out hooks or whatever and just reel you in, however way they think best. Well, someone’s got another thought coming. The funny thing is that you don’t have to fight against “hooks” to resist. You can just swim away. You’re more focused on your own thing to get too caught up on someone else’s desires and plans.  Stay focused on that, and not get distracted by the intentions or even attentions of another.


#Heartstrings: Unfortunately, some people do, in fact, mistake kindness for weakness, and you’re both inclined to show more kindness during this time. You may find people making power ploys or acting erratic, prompting you not to feel safe.  What may help is realizing that bestowing kindness on people, whether friends, lovers, or colleagues, is not contingent on how they must receive it nor are their reactions based on some solid or real assessment of you. It’s contingent on how they’re willing to inspire more kindness from you and whether you will possess the discernment to know and act on what’s best for you.  Kindness is its own act of sunshine and spirit. Don’t diminish your spirit, because some choose to wear “sunblock.”

#MoneyMoves: Venus moves forward in the home and foundation area of your “table” at the Zodiac Lounge, so it’s a green-light for changes on the home front, including investing in things that make your home beautiful and attractive to you. It may also suggest that it’s time to look into what expands your horizons home wise. This could symbolize either that you may relocate or make some renovations/additions in your current home. It might also symbolize a time when you could begin to make closer connections with family or a place where your ancestors hail from.