Pisces (February 19th to March 20th)

On Friday, Neptune begins her yearly retrograde for several months. This is an important planetary development for you because this shift is happening in your sign. (Some might also say because it’s also important because Neptune’s your sign’s planetary patron.)  Interestingly, your planet’s traditional patron, Jupiter, is also changing sign in three weeks, so I think we have ample testimony that this new cycle I’ve been saying is coming is pretty much here.  But this week might signal some resistance that emerges from you or from some challenging circumstances that prod you to question whether you’re heading in the right direction. This could surface as sleep-wary doubts, panic attacks or gnawing distractions and disruptions from getting real work done.  If the course you’ve been on has felt good for the last several weeks, then don’t be dissuaded by some headwinds now.

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