Pisces [February 19th to March 20th]

#MeTime: In contrast to last week, you might find your mind and body highly active at the top of the week.  You always have to be careful of that as you need to psychically re-hydrate yourself often so you don’t feel drained and depleted.  If you find yourself feeling a bit nastier or easily upset, there’s a good chance that you need to “hydrate” with some alone time, actual water (internal or external) or some solid sleep.  Fortify your sleep cycle this week, as you’re more susceptible to more internal pressures and stress than you might fully recognize.


#Heartstrings: Mars & Pluto take turns throwing daggers at each other in the night sky. They do it at the part of your Zodiac Lounge table that deals with friends and group dynamics. This doesn’t mean that you’re bound for an all out war or battle with friends or groups, but you might need a break from some people or groups. When power or control is fueled by ego rather than Spirit, necessity or logic, that’s usually when Mars & Pluto just can’t get along. So that could mirror how you feel about some folks.  Don’t wage a war of the Ego now. Pause and see if you can find a softer entry point and way to address some issues next week.

#MoneyMoves: There could be a lot of busyness. You could find yourself, at times, moving around like a chicken with her head cut off, so do a few things: find some quiet time and keep yourself accountable on what you’re seeking to accomplish in a reasonable time frame.  A Pisces friend of mine is very fond of the Pomodoro technique for keeping herself accountable and timely with particular tasks and goals.  If your busyness is more sedentary, you might appreciate this. Or you might find a way to apply it while on the go with errands.